In this poem I think that the dad loves hes son but he know that for his son to grow up he has to let him go. first the poem start with the write saying “it is eighteen years ago almost to th day ” this show he is trying to explain a personal experience […]

This quote  “three summers since i chose a maid, too young maybe” In the poem the farmers bride the writer charlotte mew shows the girl as a young scared child who doesn’t know what she wants this is showen in the poem when she gets married to a older man then she runs away. This shows […]

I agree with “i dont enjoy hearing about such things it’s makes me sick”. the weather is stormy. porphyria arrives she takes off her wet clothes.mmml;ml;m she speaks but does not reply. she sits next to him and rests his head on hershoulder. he opens her eyes.    

Dear Christopher McCandless i am writing to u after reading your inspiration story in which you show your determination in the wilderness

In this essay i will be writing about the comparisons between the film into the wild by Sean Penn and the book by Jon Krakauer in which they both present the mcCandless family in different way some good and some bad the film presents Walt mccandless as a world apart from his son where as the […]

Jon krakauer climbed 700 feet since he stepped off the glacier. Seeing the thicker ice gave Jon krakauer the confidence to climb the crumbly armour of frost feathers.   the frost feathers that held krakauer up were two or three feet thick. jon krakauer had to climb back down because the ice was getting to […]

1. A)Chris was talented with the french-horn. b) Chris Mcandless quit the symphony because he didn’t like the rules and he didn’t like to take orders from other people. c) Chris and carine spent hours together building forts. d) Chris and carine used to walk down the riad and hold hands. 2. a) “He quit […]

What colour is walt’s hair ? walts hair is black and white. what does walt wear on his face? walt wears his beard on his face. what type of glasses does walt wear? walt wears wire-rimed glasses What details does the writer give that suggests walt walt is feeling emotional? The writer says walt is […]

at the start of the novel jekyll is presented as a good friendly man with lots of friends which love and respect him. In the text it says “A fortnight later,by excellent good fortune ,doctor gave one of his pleasant dinners to some five or six old cronies.this show that he had lots of party’s […]

inchapter 2 Stevenson says ‘pale and dwarfish’ his gives the impression that Hyde is short, disproportioned and looks unhealthy.This description is used to highlight how Hyde’s physical appearance is as unappealing  as his behavior.Therefore, by describing Hyde in this way, Stevenson is drawing links for the reader between Hyde’s evil behavior and his physical appearance. […]